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Angela Ndalianis

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Welcome to my reboot! 

Art has the power to connect and affect us in profound ways, and I’m fascinated by how this can be achieved. I specialise in vibrant, stylised compositions that are inspired by my love of late C19th and early C20th European art —but with a baroque twist.

Subject matter includes:

  • still-life scenes

  • the idiosyncratic theme of female saints with cats

  • pet portraits

  • pop culture themes

  • commissions for a subject of your choosing

I work in oil and acrylic and I enjoy exploring the effects of the interplay between line and colour - and I do love a bit of spectacle! This is typified by my interest in mixed media, particularly adding an additional materiality to acrylic or oil by introducing rhinestones and fabrics to the mix.​ Some of my work is influenced by my background as a professor of screen media, as well as baroque and neo-baroque art, which have found new forms of expression in my paintings. Art has been my passion from the beginning. 

Have a look around and see if anything strikes your interest. You can order an original painting or a limited edition print copy of works.


Thank you for considering my work. Please don't hesitate to contact me with any questions. Email me at 

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